About Sandy

I have been working in the healing field for over 20 years. Helping others through all of the trials and stressors of life is my passion. In fact, my name means helper of mankind, so I find it fitting to be able to do just that. In 1996, I began working as a group facilitator assisting children and adolescents move through loss due to separation and divorce, as well as the trauma of murder and suicide. I have contracted with the Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society, working with children and families who have experienced abuse, neglect, separation, and breakdown within the family. My experiences and training have lead me to working with adults who have experienced trauma and grief which led me to become a trauma specialist. I have worked with children, adolescents, teens, and adults individually, in couples, families, and in group work related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem, separation/divorce, anxiety, depression, disability, trauma related issues, including PTSD, traumatic grief, and bereavement within my private practice. More recently, I have completed the training necessary to become a coach within The Mindful Habit system and have the experience and training to assist partners and ex-partners of people with porn and sex addiction. The trauma that partners experience upon discovery of this addiction is deep and extremely painful. Through my own personal experience and work of being an ex-partner, I have a unbridled passion to help others on their journey. I am in development of a new web site devoted solely to partners of porn and/or sex addiction. It is The Empowered Butterfly.

My specialty remains within trauma and traumatic grief.

With each and every client, I have been given the honour to hear their story and assist them in their growth, development, change, and empowerment.

As a registered psychotherapist my goal has always been to act as a guide in the therapeutic relationship while assisting my clients with gaining self-acceptance, developing a positive belief in their self-worth, reclaiming their power, and reaching towards a life filled with joy and happiness.

“Your soul has in it the ability to fly; your wings are worth being spread.”

You are worth the time and energy to make changes and to grow. I am here to give you a hand up whenever you are ready.

"The butterfly is a flawless representation of the splendour that transpires when you endure changes in life. The metamorphosis evolves following a time of loneliness and darkness in the cocoon – and we have all experienced loneliness and darkness during life’s trials and tribulations.It is in the splendour of endurance and resilience that we emerge stronger and empowered to seek our freedom and independence as women. It is in the struggle to emerge from that cocoon with one’s own strength that empowerment occurs.To have someone rip open that cocoon, just like the butterfly, we lose the ability to fly on our own accord.It is in the darkness that empowerment happens and the ability to take the flight of freedom becomes possible." Sandy Joy July 2017