The second phase is called Discovery. As much as we would like to begin the healing process and make changes immediately, investigation or discovery of the core issues buried within each problem is vital. Many times the pain experienced from what we assume to be a situation or current life circumstances, is rooted in the past and in what we believe to be true about ourselves, our relationships, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. There are times when what we are experiencing presently is rooted in current issues, for instance, in grief. Most often situations, anxieties, and issues within relationships consist of both past and present beliefs and behaviours which contribute to difficulties in our daily lives and in our happiness and feelings of well-being. This phase usually, although not always, consists of one to four sessions. What is important to remember is that in order to more forward, to become empowered within one's self as well as in the therapeutic process, discovery needs to take place to encounter together what really needs to be worked on and worked with. Doing so will allow for positive change and growth to take place which is the goal for most people.