Examine and Change

The third phase, Examine and Change, is the phase when most of the inner work is done. This phase is where we look within to explore and examine past beliefs that effect current thoughts and feelings and contribute to emotional, mental, and often physical pain. This exploration includes how these beliefs influence and have power over our life, and how and why they were helpful and determine if they still are. This is the phase where strategies for positive change are developed and ideas are formed to ensure that these changes are long-lasting. Each strategy for change are tried, evaluated, re-assessed, and adapted if required. For those strategies found to not work as well as desired, new strategies are found.

This phase takes the longest; however for some people it can be completed within two or three sessions. This phase can induce other thoughts and feelings that lead us back to the discovery phase in order to investigate their origins. At times we come to recognize that something else is encompassed in our processing, something we had not ever considered as being a problem or related. And at times, this something becomes a component that we truly have not really understood or accepted before.