The fourth and final phase is called Incorporation. This is the phase when all that you have learned about yourself, all the changes you have been slowly making, all the new desired thoughts, feelings, and beliefs come together in a slow and steady fashion. This is when your pain has been encountered and understood, when previous negative thoughts and behaviours have been rejected and new positive thought patterns and behaviours have been formed and developed. In the beginning it may feel difficult, unnerving, and strange at time with this new and empowered you.

The manner that you have existed in the world has transformed and that your world now seems new and different. It may be necessary to unleash those relationships that aren't nourishing of your mind, body, and spirit. You may have to adapt to living your life without accusing others for your unhappiness. This is to not accept wrongs done to you in the past, but to not allow those wrongs to have power over you any longer. Incorporation consists of the work you have done emotionally and mentally and assimilating this work in the very real, outside world. It is not easy, but it is completely worth it in the end.