Have a question or need help? You have come to the right place. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, links to related websites and downloadable documentation.


​Are you in crisis?

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate assistance, go to the nearest hospital or call 9-1-1.

​Do you have evening and weekend hours?

I have one evening per week that I work until 9 pm (currently Tuesday). I do not have weekend hours at this time but will work with clients to find a mutually agreeable time to meet whenever possible. My hours are flexible to help meet the needs of my clients as best that I can.

​How long do group sessions last?

Again, depending on the type of group, sessions typically are 1.5 or 2 hours in length. Most groups consist of 8 sessions, meeting once per week or once every other week. Trauma groups are usually consisting of 12 sessions, meeting once per week.

​How long will I be in therapy (how many sessions will I need)?

The therapeutic process is based on individual issues, needs, and readiness for therapy. Therefore the answer to this question is as unique as the individual.

​Is free parking available?

Parking is definitely free.

​What happens when I come for my first visit?

If you haven’t already completed an intake form, I will have you do so. I will not ask you a multitude of questions but keep our meeting gentle and soft. My belief is that you will tell me what you would like me to know when you are ready to share this information with me. It is important that you feel that I am a good fit for you, your needs, and your issues. Most people need to have a level of trust and safety before they share their most inner most thoughts, feelings, and share the issues that brought them to therapy in the first place. The only question that I will ask is: “What made you contact me?” or “What brought you here today?”

​What is the process for therapy?

Please see Empowering Process for a full description of phases of therapy.

Do you accept extended health care benefits?

It truly depends on an individual’s benefit package and policy. I am registered with Green Shield. Many insurance companies will accept my services; however it is dependent upon the individual’s policy.

Receipts can be submitted as medical expenses on personal income tax.

How large are the group sessions?

The minimum number of people in a group is 6. The maximum number in a group is 10. Usually groups consist of 6 to 8 members.

What are the fees for service?

I offer a 30 minute free consultation at the first visit. I keep one hour available for each client at this visit in case s/he chooses to stay. Regular fees apply after the first 30 minutes.

Presently, a one hour session (whether individual, couple, or family) is $125.00 per 50 minute hour (10 minutes are kept for record keeping/case notes).

Group fees vary depending on the type of group. For example, trauma groups require two trained psychotherapists (facilitators) and will cost more than a concussion, chronic pain, disenfranchised grief, or self-esteem group which have one trained psychotherapist. Typically fees are $35.00 to $50.00 for each group session.